The CK POTcast 081 K Trevor Wilson

POT TV – THE CK-POTcast! Jesus fuckin’ Jehovah Christ cunt! What a god damned show we have tonight! Our guest, the hilarious, the insane, the destroyer of worlds,God!! It’s me, it’s the big guy, it’s always the CK-POTcast! 9pm Vapor Central. It’s JFl42 week and tonight kicks off the CK-POTcast this week! If you miss this show, you’re an idiot! 9pm Vapor Central. That’s right YOU! You know who are, YOU! And if YOU don’t come I will shit.

K Trevor Wilson’s 1st full length stand-up album, SexCop FirePenis is coming out on iTunes Sept. 30. To celebrate Comedy Records and JFL 42 are helping me throw a little bash at Toronto’s Coolest Nightclub, CHILL Ice Lounge on Wed. Sept. 24. First 50 JFL 42 passholders to reserve spots get in for free, after that it’s half price ($10 approx.).

Non-passholders have to pay regular admission (sorry) But you do get a free download of SexCop FirePenis! For more info go here