Weedy Wednesdays 380 Bryan O’Gorman

POT TV – Weedy Wednesday at Vapor Central with host Bryan O’Gorman, stand up comedy shows tonight and tomorrow. Come sit, with a couple of hundred other people, stoned and laugh with us. It’s actually a really nice way to take in a comedy show. Plus we’ve got videos and jokes for you!!! 9pm 667 Yonge Street, Downtown T Dawt where all the people your teachers warned you about are having way more fun than your teachers ever have.

Tonight at Vapor Central’s Weedy Wednesday comedy show, comedians Kyle Hickey, Alex Nussbaum and Vandad Kardar will be snappin funny bones and tickling fancies. PLUS we take a look at Mike Tyson’s freak out on a Toronto reporter on live TV today, find out about new birth control for men AND we continue our ‘Animals who get high’ series with cats who ate the stash!!! Guarenteed laughs and a FREE BONG GIVEAWAY! FUN OR DEATH boo ya know how we do do doobie doo doo! 9pm, 667 Yonge Street Downtown T-DAwt

The original live Cannabis Comedy Show at Vapor central is an underground Hotbed of Canadian Comedy hosted by Toronto’s most infamous professional jerk-off, Bryan O’Gorman. Comedy fans have been flooding Vapor Central for over 8 years to witness the mayhem. No pants allowed, helmets are recommended.

“We’ve won over the Man and the establishment.” Hahaaaaa, best headline I’ve ever been under! It’s a Jodie Emery quote above my head to be clear, but that is exactly what I kept saying to myself when I went to sleep last night. Much Love to all the other rallies around the globe yesterday! Love and logic will always prevail. 420 worldwide and personified, boo ya know how we do do doobie doo doo!!”

Visit Vapor Central’s website or in person at 667 YONGE St., Toronto… Also Check out @VaporCentral on Twitter