Opus LIVE 033 Hello Autumn Have You Seen Summer?

POT TV – Opus LIVE Sept 8th 2014 Episode #033 Hello Autumn, have you seen Summer? Today on the show, #33, ~WEEK 37 of 2014~ 114 days till New Years or about 16 weeks. This Tuesday, tomorrow is the screening of the Culture High at the Varsity Cinema.

Only 18 days till the PMHC. We’re still waiting on more details about the KARMA CUP in November and we expect to have someone on the show soon to give us more details. Cops still hurting people at random. Cons trail Liberals AND NDP! Dean Del Mastro guilty as fuck… Free medical marijuana for low income people in Berkley! Say goodbye to MediJean, it’s over before it started. The Quotable Stoner, Halifax bust plus more… so lets hit the bong and get growing.

The Marc Emery signed Volcano auction is still on, current bid is at- $550.00 Tonight marks Opus LIVE as the lead in show for Monday Night Football! Tonight at 7:10 ET it’s NY Giants vs. the Detroit Lions and at 10:20 it’s San Diego vs. Arizona Cardinals. Set your PVR. 😉

~ 7:20 Bongalong with BC
~ 7:45 How Much Does That Bud Weigh lounge version
~ 8pm coffee
~ 8:05-:10 SKUNK Magazine giveaway
~ 8:25-8:30 BUD BUDDY H.M.D.T.B.W. for chat-

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