TMZ 168 I Smoked Two CBD Joints And Got Unstoned

POT TV – Do CBD joints really ruin your high? This week on The Mernahuana Zone we report on smoking not one, but two CBD joints during a very stoney night aboard Bong Man’s Boat Cruise. I conducted this experiment after doing the best biggest dab I’ve ever done to ensure I was good and ‘stoned’ and brought Skype caller Hamilton Dave, who was stumbling over himself, along for the ride.

Tune in Tuesday August 26 from 720-1020pm ET on Vapor Central TV or be part of the stoned studio audience at 667 Yonge St. to hear firsthand reports about getting un-high. Guests on the Couch we have Patti Satok Trucker’s claim: Denied job over medical pot use on the webcast tonight. tune live in at 7-1020pm to TMZ or download TMZ.

Co-host Tamara Smash is off this week to prepare for a colonoscopy. Our crohns co-host will Skype call us from her bathroom where she’ll be sitting prettily on her throne. Announcer Jay Danger will make a rare appearance as co-host. I’ll be using this opportunity to celebrate my birthday at Vapor Central, which takes place a few days later on Thursday August 28.

My birthday always reminds me that we are winding summer down and transitioning to fall. A late August birthday gives me a perfect time to reflect on the past eight months and plan what’s going to happen in the months ahead. The Mernahuana Zone has been hugely successful this year with great guests and stoner silliness and I’d like to thank everyone involved with its production and our audience.

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