Opus LIVE 031 Summers Nearly Over

POT TV – The ‘Summers Nearly Over’ show. Welcome to the show, #031 here on the 35 week of 2014- only 128 days till 2015 La Fumo Pipe Canada raffle winner drawn today. Quotable Stoner Quotes Swearnet Premier, KUSH Cup, Bong Mans Boat Blaze… all happened last week, Marc Emery is settling into life as a free man and legalization marches on… Amerikkka is making Stephen Harper look dumber every day when it comes to his cannabis conundrum, over 20 US cities will vote on marijuana ballots this fall. BOLIVIA gives legal right to mother earth…how did it become necessary to do this?

STONER ETIQUETTE= If you don’t have anything nice to say… shut the fuck up 🙂 Bong Bee ‘weed bucket’ challenge to Opus.} Stupid people in positions of authority? That’s the American way! 32 days till the PMHC- Tracy has some samples for us to smoke today, and they are. International Pharmaceutical Academy Conference Sept 17-17.

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