TMZ Interviews Robb Wells, John Paul Tremblay and Mike Smith

POT TV – The Mernahuana Zone Special Interviews Ricky, Julian and Bubbles LIVE on Pot TV Network at 3:30pm est. Robb Wells, John Paul Tremblay and Mike Smith. That’s just how Matt Mernagh rolls. The stars of the cult hit TV show Trailer Park Boys have been in Toronto for their latest project, Swearnet: The Movie.

Weekly weed themed webcast The Mernahuana Zone has scored plenty of great interviews, but none have been bigger than Mike Smith, Robb Wells and John Paul Tremblay, who are collectively known as Trailer Park Boys They’re promoting their new movie Swearnet – a venture outside of the TPB franchise and we had an opportunity to interview them.

In this mockumentary they play themselves as they try to launch their own webcasting website, Swearnet. Smith, Wells and Tremblay started Swearnet as an actual internet channel to unleash their full cussing potential. It’s like the premise of Trailer Park Boys, but Swearnet is really them getting followed around by a camera and their real life is probably nutter than anything they could dream up. Crazily it’s very similar to what is happening every Tuesday on The Mernahuana Zone and after watching the amazeballs flick I kept thinking ‘this is us.’ Swearnet breaks the cuss record set by Wolf of Wall Street and it’s the best movie the trio have done to date.

Pat Roach, who many know as Randy, plays a major role in this movie as Swearman. However, Roach is peeved his penis has taken the spotlight and he took out advertising this week imploring people not to see his junk or “swearcock”. The cock scene is worth the price of admission and constant pranking on Roach may make you pee. TMZ ventured outside our Vapor Central studio to webcast live from Little Italy to interview, Smith, Wells and Tremblay. Both Swearman and Bongman appeared to create a historic meeting between these two oddball superheros.

Unlike all the other media they’ve done, TMZ encouraged them to cuss like sailors and they unleashed a pent up torrent of swears. Find out who had their mouth washed out with soap as youngster. Hear about life after TPB and their new project Swearnet, Swearman’s f-bombing mantra, and Bongman fucks the Swearnet van.

YES I WANT TO WATCH The Mernahuana Zone interview Smith, Wells, Tremblay and Roach. Swearnet premiers Monday in Vancouver as part of The Kush Cup and is in theatres August 29. Swearnet is a real network, like Pot TV Network, but with morning shows, news, weather, sports, all that shit, except everybody on Swearnet’s allowed to swear. That’s part of the premise – the boys are in need of a new schtick, and fed up with being censored.

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