Opus LIVE 030 JustShowUp

It’s Opus LIVE episode 030 the #JustShowUp Episode. HashTag it, Spread it around. Marc Emery is a free man, Jodie Emery is attempting to win the nomination for federal Liberals, Stephen Harper and his band of evil henchman have lost another cannabis court case and legalization marches forward. All this plus other cannabis related stories, events, videos and smoke, lots and lots of smoke – Mondays 7-9 pm at Vapor Central and on www.vaporcentral.com/livestream

The ‘Original show where you can win Marijuana’ Brought to you in part by Bud Buddy.biz SKUNK magazine and Pure Garden Resort Negril Produced by Chris Goodwin with co-host Tracy Curley Tracy is off with that shitty cold this week and we wish her a speedy recovery and she gets to feeling better soon. Congratulations to Pot TV for reaching 20 million viewer minutes. ( live viewing minutes??) The CNE (the EX) has started Marc is a free man and we have a signed Volcano we are going to be auctioning off to raise $$ for the Coalition to fight the mmpr. (details) Brantford Cannabis Club sets example Marc; news clips…the weed guy promo clip for TMZ Bong ripping contest- out smoke Opus. Breaking news.

FYI-in case you missed it, Opus LIVE is in the possession of a signed analog Volcano Vaporizer, both the original box and the Volcano itself have been signed by Marc Emery and we will be auctioning it off to the highest bidder next month.
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