Opus LIVE 029 The Marc Emery Freedom Episode

POT TV – It’s the 29 episode of Opus LIVE this 33rd week of 2014 and Marc Emery gets out of custody and will be returning to Canada tomorrow Aug 12th in Windsor ONT. Also guest Albert Nerenberg, Canadian independent filmmaker, actor, journalist, and laughologist. His films include Stupidity(2003), Escape to Canada (2005), Let’s All Hate Toronto (2007), and Laughology (2009). Both Stupidity and Laughology are the first feature length documentaries to discuss the topics of stupidity and laughter. AUG 11th OPENING MUSIC….

-Marc was taken to the usa in March 2010 and given a five year sentence and tomorrow he will walk across the US-CANADA border a free man.
-This activist thinks that we certainly have ‘OVERGROWN the Government’ in the time Marc’s been incarcerated.
-last week Washington state issued the first of 24 licensee’s to stores to sell recreational marijuana and at the same time New York became the 23rd state to legalize medical marijuana.

When he was first arrested almost a decade ago, the Drug Enforcement Agency heralded his seizure as a “significant blow” to the legalization movement….funny how that worked out, marijuana is now legal in Washington state, and John MacKay the district attorney who prosecuted Marc has turned 180 degrees and now endorses legalization.

– On today’s show we also have,
– A report from Puff Jam that I was at this weekend
– The Lawless landscape in Colorado after legal marijuana
~ ‘How Much Does That Bud Weigh?’ Bud Buddy weed giveaway
~ SKUNK Magazine – Pure Garden Resort Negril Jamaica subscription giveaway
~ ?? ???STONER ETIQUETTE?? ???

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