The Jodie Emery Show: Marc & Jodie Still Apart on Wedding Anniversary

CANNABIS CULTURE – July 23 is Marc and Jodie’s 8th wedding anniversary, but Marc is still being held in a United States prison.

He is currently awaiting deportation at the Tensas Parish Detention Center in Waterproof, Louisiana. Jodie gives us news about how he is doing and when he might be sent home.

Read Marc’s most recent blogs and stay up to date on news about his release.

Jodie was featured in Maclean’s Magazine, Canada’s equivalent to Time, in an article suggesting that the Conservative government had better look for her. As well all turn our support to the Liberal Party’s intention to legalize cannabis, we’ll be starting a new new web page at to help you with joining the party and news about it all.

Polling numbers across Canada do show the Liberals gaining steady support and show to be leading the Conservatives almost everywhere. Go to and read their plan to end cannabis prohibition and join the party!

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