Opus LIVE 026 July 21st

POT TV – Welcome back to the Opus LIVE show 026 happy July 21st, the 30th week of the year. Opus LIVE has many ways to enjoy the show, The Opus LIVE Youtube Playlist Opus LIVE on Youtube, All the past shows from POTTV Opus LIVE on POTTV, for all you Audio Podcast Listeners, please download Opus LIVE on Soundcloud and Opus LIVE on iTunes and the new home for Opus Live, VaporCentral.

Tonight along with the usual giveaways and bong rips some stories we’re following. Mark Emery, we’re still waiting. Stephen Harper is scared of Marc and Jodie Emery. Cannabis Culture Poll showing most Canadians want pot laws relaxed kept under wraps by Harper.

RCMP lay 31 charges against Mike Duffy but Nigel Wright none? tell the RCMP, don’t stop there! Global news. Tories Release Pro-Israel Ad Amid War In Gaza, But They Don’t Want Everyone To See It -HuffPost *Pediatric Cannabinoid Research Starter- gofundme started by Jennifer Collett. Metro News Group.*Liberal Party wants to legalize marijuana-Cannabis Culture.

Also Canna entrepreneur Abi Roach from the Hot Box Cafe will be stopping by to join our discussion. We also have tickets for the LA FUMO PIPE CANADA raffle where you can not only have a chance to win a cool prize but help directly in some worthwhile activism.

And we have Opus LIVE tshirts for sale.

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