Sun News: Is Jodie Emery a Dream or Nightmare Candidate For The Liberals?

POT TV – Sun News, also known as Fox News North, ran this segment on Jodie Emery’s possible federal election campaign for the Liberal Party of Canada.

J.J. McCullough – the Sun News correspondent with arguably the most ridiculous haircut and moustache combination in Canadian television – thinks Jodie Emery might make the Liberals look bad. The host doesn’t agree and neither do we.

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See the original on Sun News.



  1. Anonymous on

    I respect his right as an individual to have terrible hair, say crazy things, and be completely wrong about topics he claims to be an expert in.

  2. fumes on

    Um.. McCullough looks like crap. Jodie Emery is HOT HOT HOT. Go Jodie! ;-}-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~