Opus LIVE 025 Back From BC

POT TV – Tonight at Vapor Central 667 Yonge st it’s the ‘Back from BC’ episode and we will have a full report from the Great Canadian Glass Gathering plus show and tell. -the Vernon medical marijuana scene, we have the details.- Cannabis Culture, Marc Emery, Vansterdam and we announce a new raffle you don’t want to miss! And as always you can win marijuana or a years subscription to SKUNK magazine.

Cris from Top Knot Glass on Vancouver Island- [email protected] for some cool skull pipes and more
Shatter with fancy labels, …presentation is 1 third your sales. Marijuana man and CCHQ
**Tracy has 10 toes**

What’s going on with Marc- how can you help?
**For those who asked how to help Marc
Get phone cards & commissary while he’s in the Louisiana deportation jail
You can send letters and US Money Orders to:
MARC EMERY #079067710
Tensas Parish Det. Center
8606 HWY 65
Waterproof, LA

Books ordered online are helpful too; there isn’t anything to read in Tensas. Travel guides, thriller novels, crossword puzzles – anything will be helpful for him and the others detained in his big dorm. Thank you to those who asked how to help him in this final, most uncomfortable part of his sentence… We don’t know how long he’ll be down there, so every little bit of comfort means a lot. Thanks again!

~ TTC-fuck you I wanna Sea Bus
~ How much does that bud weigh?
~ Vernon- Herbal Health Centre -dispensary and lounge, 1 year anniversary this weekend July 20th draws, prizes and more.
~ La Fumo pipe raffle to raise $$ for the Coalition-
~Bong man boat cruise

Anti Trudeau and anti emery debate on facebook, meme too, (Is Justin in over his head?)
all the cons can do now is attack Trudeau on his pro pot stance.

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