Opus LIVE 022 Idea City

POT TV – Welcome to Opus Live – Opus LIVE 022 June 23rd 2014 Welcome back Tracy from the DL and moonlighting at IDEA CITY and we’ll hear all about that shortly, first what’s coming up. TODAY- Huffington Post – PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – An Ontario member of Parliament goes on trial today on charges filed under the Canada Elections Act. Dean Del Mastro has pleaded not guilty to charges of overspending during the 2008 federal election campaign and failing to report a personal contribution of $21,000 to his own campaign.
Elections Canada also alleges Del Mastro tried to cover up his overspending by knowingly submitting a falsified document — he denies any wrong doing. Del Mastro was once the Harper government’s point man on defending the Conservatives against voter fraud allegations. But Stephen Harper’s former parliamentary secretary is now sitting as an independent in the House of Commons pending the outcome of the case.
The trial in Peterborough, Ont., is scheduled to last a little more than two weeks

Today is Discovery Day in Nfld and Labrador. and week 26 of 2014. Tomorrow is St. Jean Baptiste day Thursday June 26th Green Rush Conference at the convention centre all day. Tickets are $15. This weekend is the big world pride event. Cannabis Day is in 8 days, week tomorrow and if you’re in Vancouver I recommend you get down to the VAG and check out the CCHQ/Pot TV stage show and the cannabis dealers.
On Twitter @cryprojunkie asked me to mention Peterborough Cannabis Day, July 1st and there will be vapor tent, costume contest and giveaways. 11 days till the GCGG in Birken BC where myself, Tracy and the Goodwins will be.

~July 9th is Nunavut Day 17 days till Marc Emery’s early possible release date!! Bongman has a boat cruise coming up and you can get tickets here. July 10th think?? Puff Jam Aug 8-9-10th and you can get details about that on facebook, Clandestiny House and the Underground Comedy Club Facebook- Pot TV may be there, details still to be worked out **VIEWER MAIL! -heres a question for you.. other than seat time(racecar reference) lol how can I get to where you are. eat sleep shit weed ….or other referred to as medical sweetness. Doug Southerland. via facebook.

WATCH TODAY Monday June 23th 2014 at 4PM Pacific Grab a joint and join the chat on Pot.TV The SKYPE line is going to get a high tonight.

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