Fleshlight Friday NXNE Who’s Dabin Palin?

POT TV – 2nite at Vapor Central! 7pm Matt Mernagh Interviews Twitter Sensation Dave Wesel, 9pm stand up comedy show, and at 11pm with Porn Star Lisa Ann. Maybe I’m too Canadian but I can’t get into soccer. I live in Toronto, if I wanted to watch gay guys jog for three hours, I’d just sit out front of a condo building handing out fleshlights.

Limited NXNE passes accepted, so get there early like some fuckin’ bird who wants to eat worms or some shit! Vapor Central shows tonight and tomorrow. Come sit, with a couple of hundred other people, stoned. It’s actually a really nice way to take in a comedy show. 667 YONGE. 9PM/11PM. NO PAUL BLART MALL COPS.

Porn Star Lisa Ann confirmed at Vapor Central Fri June 20th 11PM with Bryan O’Gorman for the Fleshlight EVENT, and Sat June 21st 7PM for a SPECIAL Matt Mernagh Interview… Show some LOVE, Share, RT, Like, https://twitter.com/thereallisaann https://twitter.com/daveweasel

This is the offical lineup for Vapor central’s comedy NXNE festival week. It all starts tomorrow, come get your joke and your toke on in between mosh pits with us… then take us to your mosh pits. Fuck this week is gonne rule in Toronto!!! Get off your hole and see some shows, TO! Weeewwww!!! #NXNE @VaporCentral 667 Yonge Street 416-923-3556 #NXNE2014 You, and 2,454 others like this… http://nxne.com/schedule#venue=1262

“We’ve won over the Man and the establishment.” Hahaaaaa, best headline I’ve ever been under! It’s a Jodie Emery quote above my head to be clear, but that is exactly what I kept saying to myself when I went to sleep last night. Much Love to all the other rallies around the globe yesterday! Love and logic will always prevail. 420 worldwide and personified, boo ya know how we do do doobie doo doo!!”

Visit Vapor Central’s website or in person at 667 YONGE St., Toronto… Also Check out @VaporCentral on Twitter