Stoner Sundays 168 Mike Rita NXNE

POT TV – Tonight I’ll be at Vapor Central for the Stoner Sundays @NXNE North By Northeast Pre Show with Mike Rita Visit Vapor Central LIVESTREAM 800 Performers. Musicians. Interactive Panels. Films. Comedy Shows. Art everywhere. June 13-22, 2014. #NXNE @VaporCentral 667 Yonge Street 416-923-3556 You, and 2,454 others like this…

Tonight’s STONER SUNDAYS Show at Vapor Central will feature some of Torontos best comedians and performers in town for NXNE, I host this show and love it week in week out. Come enjoy one of Torontos best keep secrets and check out all the NXNE Vapor Central Info . STONER SUNDAYS AT VAPOR CENTRAL • 667 YONGE ST • 9:20pm 10 dollars. No shmucks allowed! Also Check out @VaporCentral on Twitter

Congrats to Mikey “Vapor Central’s Enfant Chéri” Rita on 3 years of Stoner Sundays! His show helps harden comics from around the country and gets them some deserved bakshish. Here’s to 420 more years! Smoke it like it’s weed, Reets!

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