3rd Klass Thursdays 287 Hunter Collins

POT TV – 3RD KLASS THURSDAY 2NITE at Vapor Central! Happy World Cup day! Time for some fuetbol! Crazy how here in North America, football is a MEN’S sport! We’ve got quite the international friendly lined up for you: The chronically funny dawgs on tonight’s show: local Polish comic with big jokes and the head to match, Julia Hladkowicz! Another maniac of Saxon con-descent, Tim Gilbert! A man who hails from the suburbs of hell and has your mother’s hymen-breath, Jason Rouse! And your host, a McUke who mows puss at Cuban speech-speed and fucks like an Egyptian, International Television Juggernaut and King of Modesty -you guessed it- Hunter “The Draw” Collins! Bring your little Umbro shorts! 667 YONGE. 9PM. NO OFFSIDES.

Bring your BUDS from all over the city! I want people who live on PUFFerin! HIGH Park! Even BONG-ssington! The gays from CHEECH Street! Everyone at PAPE! WEED-bine! BLEW Jays Way! Royal HORK! But no one from up there and PINCH and STEALS!

So take the TTC (Totally Tight Chron) to Vapor for a BUDanza that’ll make you scream HAUL-lelujah all night! 667 YONGE. 9PM. NO BOGUSSERY.

Vapor Central! It’s one of the only venues in the world where you can smoke weed and watch comedy! If you’re looking for a new experience or just want to escape the noise, swing by Toronto’s hidden gem around 9:00PM. 3rd Klass Thursdays 2nite Visit Vapor Central’s website or in person at 667 YONGE St., Toronto Plus, this year, I will smoke 420 joints!” Promise! 9PM, only at VAPOR CENTRAL! Check out Vapor Central on Twitter .