Cannabis Champion Matt Mernagh Does Champs Canada

POT TV – The Cannabis Champion Matt Mernagh takes a walk across the trade show floor during the inaugural CHAMPS Canada Expo and Dopechef is there to document it.

Featuring appearances by Thaddeus of Med Man Brands, Marco Renda of Treating Yourself, Ed Borg of Delta 9 Labs, Jay Kitchen author/photographer of ‘The Kitchen’, and Darryl molecular biologist at Peace Naturals Project, with hosting and commentary by Matt Mernagh. The Cannabis Champion himself gives a passionate review of the convention, Plus many thanks to CHAMPS for the hospitality.

Topics include: medical marihuana, politics Justin Trudeau, growing weed, and ‘the Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook’

Enjoy the next 25 minutes of high society at Canada’s premiere cannabis convention


Matt Mernagh

Peace Naturals

Delta 9 Labs

The Kitchen…

Med-Man Brand


Video by DopeChef: