TMZ 155 Official NXNE

POT TV – Live weekly weed infused webcast The Mernahuana Zone has been accepted to Toronto’s curated entertainment festival NXNE, which draws over 350,000 people. We have three webcasts, including tonight’s (Tuesday, May 27), to get our act together because NXNE wristband holders will be part of the stoned audience at Vapor Central June 17.

Primarily a music festival, NXNE interactive component adds an element of internet to the festival. The Mernahuana Zone’s audience are cannabis enthusiasts who want to witness great content while they session online or in person. If you like Hash, Howard Stern or The Hour, then you’ll like us. If you like Cannabis, Johnny Carson, and Craziness, then you’ll like us.

Tonight on TMZ we have a our Champs Expo recap; the good, the bad and the ganja. Plenty of pot news, weird and crazy happenings that make you think when you are toking, and possibly an in depth stoned analysis of Canada’s Turks and Caicos annexation plans. Watch cannabis champion of the world Matt Mernagh, co-host Tamara Smash, announcer Jay Danger and DJ Goodster crush the fourth wall with weed in person at Toronto’s Vapor Central or via Tuesday May 27 from 720-1020pm.

The Mernahuana Zone is hosted by cannabis champion of the world Matt Mernagh and webcast live every Tuesday from the only place higher than the CN Tower, Vapor Central. TMZ airs live on VCTV and POT TV from 720-1020pm for enthusiasts on the east coast and 420-720pm for potheads on the west coast. Replays are available via Livestream, Soundcloud and iTunes.

The @Mernahuana Zone is webcast weekly from Canada’s stoniest destination @VaporCentral. Tune in and toke up every Tuesday from 720-1020 et or 420-720 pt. TMZ, available for download from Soundcloud and iTunes. TMZ photo credit @LadySamAlot