TMZ 152 Toronto Global Marihuana March Recap

POT TV – The Mernahuana Zone and VCTV has developed amazing over 150 episodes. It’s flashback time! This week (Tues May 6) on The Mernahuana Zone we highlight some of the best and worst moments of Global Marijuana March. From ten people in Bowling Green to 150,000 protesters in Argentina, Saturday was the most epic day for cannabis reform.

Greenleaf’s bad grass results in a lawsuit – from a company infringing on their name. Ouch! Tweed confirms they will be irradiating their cannabis and will do an interview, but not this week. Colorado sees dramatic increase in hash oil explosions – we debate the myths (again).

Ontario residents go to the polls (again) and Erin Goodwin updates on the Freedom Party effort to field a full slate of candidates.

We all have your The Mernahuana Zone favorites tonight on VCTV; 420 Bud Swap (watch enthusiasts trade cannabis with each other), UK Cannabis Bust of the Week, and one studio audience member will go home with a brand new bong.

Lead Story (Repeats Throughout Webcast) Toronto Global Marijuana proceeds rain or shine… Protesters Hold Streets 1hr 40 minutes. Mernagh is a Yoda in the streets / Sith Lord in the sheets. Protesters Setup Free Marketplace. Paraders Fuck Up Our Day. Third Year Protesters Have Marched / While Parade Is Constant is Change /The day / The Time. Narc Pig Bastards! Global Marijuana March Videos from VC. Argentine Global Marijuana March” Supported by 100,000+… Green Leaf Changing Their Name / After the recall / A lawsuit from someone owning the name green leaf / Not a good start for this company / Tweed – Irradiated Their First Batch of Cannabis, they told people what they were up too via their newsletter / we’ll have chuck back on to talk about this problem.

On Tuesdays from 720-1020pm at Vapor Central and via their website and Pot TV, host Matt Mernagh puts his health aside to do what he loves – entertain with information. Writing and preparing for episode 152 We are taking Skype callers and our account is Vapor Central. Tuesday May 6th 2014.

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