TMZ 151 What Do We Know

POT TV – The Mernahuana Zone and VCTV has developed amazing over 150 episodes. On Tuesdays from 720-1020pm at Vapor Central and via their website and Pot TV, host Matt Mernagh puts his health aside to do what he loves – entertain with information. Writing and preparing for episode 151 – Mernagh reports the possibility of a seizure is higher than normal. However, the show must grow on. Today on the webcast, the co-host couch is open as Smash is unavailable and Mernahuana is going to need much help.

We are taking Skype callers and our account is Vapor Central. Tuesday April 29th

No Tamara Smash on today’s webcast due to work obligations. I feel very fibromyalgia like and have strong desire to spend day in bed – with or without someone – however unlike other webcasters I’ll be as high as you can get on the net about 7pm.

The @Mernahuana Zone is webcast weekly from Canada’s stoniest destination @VaporCentral. Tune in and toke up every Tuesday from 720-1020 et or 420-720 pt. TMZ, available for download from Soundcloud and iTunes. TMZ photo credit @LadySamAlot