Weedy Wednesdays 360 Bryan O’Gorman

POT TV – Weedy Wednesday at Vapor Central with host Bryan O’Gorman, “We’ve won over the Man and the establishment.” Hahaaaaa, best headline I’ve ever been under! It’s a Jodie Emery quote above my head to be clear, but that is exactly what I kept saying to myself when I went to sleep last night. Much Love to all the other rallies around the globe yesterday! Love and logic will always prevail. 420 worldwide and personified, boo ya know how we do do doobie doo doo!!”

Weedy Wednesday Comedy tonight at Vapor Central- [email protected] Yonge street with headliner Dana Alexander and opening act/amateur rat fight promoter, Kyle Hickey. First show after the 420 rally so lots to talk about on my end and as always, we give away a bong in an impromptu dance competition where someone usually gets hurt! FUN!!! See you there, muthafuckaazzzz!!! — with Erin Goodwin and Chris Goodwin. Back in the hazy vapor lounge that spawned me tonight hosting Weedy Wednesday at Vapor Central. Back after three and a half months on the road and there are a lot of things about ninja turtles I’ve learned that people really need to hear. Plus, we talk 420 Rally from Sunday at Y&D square! 9pm 667 Yonge street, where all the people your mama warned you about are having way more fun than your mama ever does. Your mama.

Bryan O’Gorman will be making his triumphant return. Let’s hope, there’s not enough time for Harper to mobilize the army against the potheads.

Vapor Central shows tonight and tomorrow. Come sit, with a couple of hundred other people, stoned. It’s actually a really nice way to take in a comedy show. For the comics, at least in my experience, it’s generally an entirely uncomfortable time.

Visit Vapor Central’s website or in person at 667 YONGE St., Toronto… Also Check out @VaporCentral on Twitter