The Redbeard Show #18: It’s 4/19 … Got a Minute?

POT TV – The Beard is on Pot TV! Watch The Redbeard Show for the latest on the cannabis glass community with British Columbia glassblower Redbeard of Redbeard Glass. Join the show for LIVE glassblowing!

Today on The Redbeard Show we are Live on Location at Hempyz in Langley, blowing glass with four other artists … Kahuna Glass, Browski, Gibson, Vagabond, will join forces with Redbeard to create something for this Pre-4/20 Party! Hempyz has put up a big top tent in the parking lot, and we’re collabing it up for the crowd!

Tune in at 4pm PST for LIVE GLASSBLOWING on POT.TV!

Roll one up and gather ’round, it’s LIVE GLASSBLOWING ON POT.TV

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