Opus LIVE 010 Ten Already

POT TV – This week on Opus LIVE 010 Ten Already, the original show that gives viewers a chance to win marijuana, sponsored by Bud Buddy.biz! It’s the WE’RE RUNNING AWAY TO OTTAWA then JAMAICA NEXT WEEK SHOW. Opus will be heading to Ottawa after the show tonight to protest and record the stop the mmpr protest tomorrow April 1st. The last show before Opus and Tracy break for Jamaica, we’re off for 2 weeks. We will be back for 4:20 and Opus LIVE on April 21st- The Day After Show and you won’t want to miss that one!

WATCH TODAY Monday March 31st 2014 at 4PM Pacific Grab a joint and join the chat on Pot.TV The SKYPE line is open if you have any growing questions. Today on ‘Stoner Snax and Medibile Munchies we have the 2nd part of making budder video, also how to make Canna Chocolates! Lets GIVE AWAY SOME WEED- How Much Does That Bud Weigh?

Stoner Etiquette with Tracy, …while Tracy gives you another tip on how to be a more conscientious stoner I will now attempt to break my personal best of 11 bong rips back to back. We also have a challenger, Eddy from Who Cares get Doped is stepping up to take me on. We are Pleased to announce a new game here on Opus LIVE with Tracy Curley- ‘What Does a Dabber Know?’ Basically, Stoner Trivia, at least that’s what it sez on the backs of all the cards. 😉 (we can use this to give away Anubis Vape Pens or any other time we need to decide a winner.) Potential for Stoner’s Against Humanity?? Tracy will explain :p

Protest in Ottawa tomorrow and across the rest of the country by the MMPR coalition. ~Kirk Tousaw was back in court last week fighting for 2 medical users trying to clarify that ALL MMAR users are covered in the Alard decision, HC seems to think just the plaintiffs are… waiting on a press release from HC. News Stories on LP’s and recent court victory… still many problems. A very good reason to not sign up right now and lets keep this fight going to be able to grow our own if we choose to. Buy not buying off LP’s now you give more power to the ‘Fight the MMPR Coalition’ It goes to show how the new program won’t work till everyone who wants to can grow and everyone who wants to can buy it on the cheap or get it free.

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