Stoner Sundays 156 Mike Rita

POT TV – Mike Rita with me as Host Of Stoner Sunday’s !! If you haven’t heard Stoner Sundays has SOLD OUT every show so far this year, come see what everyones talking about ! What everyones watching ! Come before 9:20pm tonight or you won’t get a seat and some happy 22 year old with his friends from Barrie will. TONIGHT ! LIVE AT Vapor Central 667 YongeSt. SHOWTIMES 9:30 !!

Vapor Central Tonight at 667 Yonge Street, showtime 9pm. Visit This Week in Comedy: Stoner Sundays, ALTdot Comedy Lounge, Nearly Robots, and West End Girls for the full article…

“I headed up to yonge st to check out what all the hype was about. 5 bucks gets you through the door. this includes bag rental for dozens of volcano vaporizers. they are all in good condition. it was an enjoyable experience well worth the price. 12 bucks gets you the best glass they have to offer filled with ice cold water and immaculately cleaned. staff were helpful, informative and friendly. all of them. entertainment was provided, good movies, music, shows etc. only thing is it does get a bit smokey inside which for me i actually enjoyed. i left there super baked and completely satisfied. two thumbs up.” Visit Review of Toronto’s vapor lounges ***New update for the full review…

Be There !! Or Here on POTTV. Headlines in a local rag: “Rita Slays ‘Em Week After Week” … “Rita Still Fresh As Fuck” … Thanks to all my friends and family who came out and the staff was so cool as always. The comics you guys were so awesome, the support u gave me, sending me messages, coming to the shows means so much! I also apologize to @RealGilbert for apologizing. Mike Rita

LIVE potcast of the Stoner Sundays 153 with Mike Rita at Vapor Central. Visit Vapor Central LIVESTREAM Also Check out @VaporCentral on Twitter

Danny Mendlow Me coming tonight. Finally

Laura Lemon Y’all should start selling advance tickets.

Scotty Barclay i went in there sober, didn’t smoke, left high. i went into 7 11 before i realized i didnt have the munchies

Portia Lauren C I miss VC SO MUCH!