Opus LIVE 008 St Phatties Day

POT TV – This week on Opus LIVE 008 St Phatties Day, the original show that gives viewers a chance to win marijuana, sponsored by Bud Buddy.biz! Sadly my co-host is in hospital this week and we wish her a speedy recovery and hope to see her back here next week.

This week on Stoner Snax and Medibile Munchies we will be showing you a video on how to make basic budder to use in other cooking recipes. Instant Hash with dry ice, Health Canada, not in your best interests, Vic Toews, scumbag exposed, Stoner Etiquette, Medibile Munchies, Buzzed Puppies, Bongalongs, and as always a chance to win marijuana! tune in to www.pot.tv or LIVE from Vapor Central 667 Yonge st. 7-9pm Eastern Mondays.

Update on the latest backhand across the face to ill and suffering Canadians from Health Canada, now they feel it’s ok to threaten us and demand forms that we destroyed our plants and meds. like fucking hell I will! my cat has issues with my ruining perfectly good kitty litter with marijuana. Stoner Etiquette? Bringing back the tokestone, avoiding colds both giving and getting? What to do if your dog eats weed…. Cause it happens! How much does that bud weigh.

WATCH TODAY Monday March 17th 2014 at 4PM Pacific Grab a joint and join the chat on Pot.TV

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