TMZ 143 We Do Interviews BEDROCAN

POT TV – The Mernahuana Zone 143 Always cannabis controversial, weekly webcast TMZ will be once again interviewing a Health Canada licensed producer. A Canadian consortium has partnered with Bedrocan BV, a Holland based medical marihuana supplier, to bring their product to Canada as Bedrocan Canada Inc. A few viewers are pretty vocal when we have licensed producers on and their virtual screaming in the chatroom does nothing to further to their points.

After 420 Swap – watch people trade marihuana – Julia from Peter McWilliams Remembrance will be on. I’m excited for this interview because Julia is really, really, excited to do be on our weekly webcast too. She will inform us of Peter McWilliams. It’s important to know our history and if you have a story you would like to share with our viewers via Skype our account is Vapor Central. The Mernahuana Zone, a live webcast from Vapor Central on Yonge Street in Downtown Toronto every Tuesday 720-1020 pm EST or 420-720 pm PDT live on POT TV.

The @Mernahuana Zone is webcast weekly from Canada’s stoniest destination @VaporCentral. Tune in and toke up every Tuesday from 720-1020 et or 420-720 pt. TMZ, available for download from Soundcloud and iTunes.