Opus LIVE 006 with Tracy Curley

POT TV – This week on Opus LIVE 006 with Tracy Curley, the original show that gives viewers a chance to win marijuana, sponsored by Bud Buddy.biz! Our condolences to Jade Ridge and the family of Dr Jan Engelbrecht who died suddenly over the weekend. Dr Englebrecht was one a a handful of openly signing doctors under the medical marijuana access program and signed for hundred if not thousands of patients our hearts go out to his loved ones in this time of sorow.

STONER ETIQUETTE with Tracy. We’ve talked about rollers rights last week, and the importance of the 3 p’s …puff, puff, pass. This week is a VERY VERY important rule of etiquette. Probably the most important one! You should really never ever do this and I say this as someone who struggles with the addiction! If you ever… and you really shouldn’t …. mix tobacco in your joints, warn people! Some people are allergic to tobacco or have struggled with the addiction or just plain don’t like it so there is nothing worse that expecting to take a hit of some yummy cannabis and inhaling half a cigarette. ick. Don’t do it but if you are gonna roll with tobacco… warn people dammit!!

This Sunday March 9th we set our clocks forward 1 hour, it’s daylight savings time!! Things coming up 29 days left of the MMAR, baring Mr Conroy’s injunction, 48 days until 420 61 days to the GMM (May 3rd) May 23-25th is the champs expo. Mike Mann @ Two Cups?

WATCH TODAY Monday February 24th 2014 at 4PM Pacific Grab a joint and join the chat on Pot.TV

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