TMZ 141 Calm Before The Storm

POT TV – The Mernahuana Zone 141 Calm Before The Storm. After a fantastic TMZ last week, we’ve opted to take a chill, calm approach to this Tuesday, Feb. 18 webcast. Plenty is happening, but we’re just going to enjoy resting on our laurels. We had a fantastic interview last week with Chuck Riffici from Tweed and appreciate our viewers tuning in to learn about Health Canada licensed providers. The Mernahuana Zone, a live webcast from Vapor Central on Yonge Street in Downtown Toronto every Tuesday 720-1020 pm EST or 420-720 pm PDT live on POT TV.

This week I spoke with my local MP Andrew Cash about affordability and access. There is a part of the Health Canada’s Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations that is truly a kick in the teeth – nurse practitioners. I’ve ranted about this a few times on The Mernahuana Zone because though R v. Mernagh isn’t mentioned in MMPR – the addition of nurse practitioners as a signing authority is our creation. It was malicious of Health Canada to add nurse practitioners knowing full well every provinces prohibits this body from signing for medical marihuana. I don’t even think Nurse Practitioners know they can sign for medical cannabis. Did the federal government even consult their governing bodies? MP Cash is investigating because we have to change every provincial legislation to make nurse practitioners happen. With more people accessing the program comes affordability. Both companies we interviewed have programs in place to help people obtain some medications.

In more political news, Liberal party convention is this week and Justin Trudeau rolling papers are popping up. In a Banksy-esq inspired stunty, our own Chris Goodwin has reconfigured Zig-Zag papers with Trudeau as the zig-zag man. What I’d like to see out of this Liberal convention is a timeline for legalization. Given this legalization is a huge issue for the Liberal party – one of their own making – it’s only fair to ask to see a timeline and specifics.

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