Opus LIVE 003 Mik Mann

POT TV – This week on Opus LIVE we are taking Skype calls with your growing questions, Skype Vapor Central. Voter suppression coming up, Crack pipe vending machines, The propaganda of CBD’s vs THC in the new emerging markets the popular game How much does that bud weigh, that gives the studio audience a chance to win marijuana, Alaska set to legalize, have they got Sarah Palin limited out on Thorazine, The all new segment ‘the 8 o’clock Americano wake and bake, Opus LIVE is broadcast every Monday from Vapor Central 667 Yonge st from 7-9pm on the www.pot.tv network and on Vapor Central at livestream.com with interactive chat.

WATCH TODAY Monday February 10th 2014 at 4PM Pacific Vancouver home to Canada’s first crackpipe vending machines, Uruguay’s President Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for Legalizing Marijuana, The Healing Qualities of Cannabis Undermine the Propaganda Claims of Medical Pot’s Public Enemy #1, Todays growing tip- NEVER use hot water from the tap to raise the temp of your reservoir. **Open up the Skype line for growing questions**

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Opus LIVE is broadcast every Monday at 4pm Pacific time. Known for his work with the BC Marijuana Party, Mik Mann is a licensed medical marijuana grower from Vancouver Island and founder of Opus Farms. He is a regular contributor to Cannabis Culture. Check out his Opus LIVE 003 Public Facebook Event By Opus Fourtwenty.

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