Weedy Wednesdays 349 Nigel Grinstead

POT TV – Weedy Wednesday at Vapor Central with headliner Nigel Grinstead, a 2012 graduate, hit the ground running and exploded onto Toronto’s comedy scene. Tonight is another rippin’ time at Weedy Wednesdays over at Vapor Central! Bryan O’Gorman is still soaring over the planet Earth, so I’ll be hosting. Drag your shins through the snow and then jump head first into a cloud of warm, comfy WEEEEEED. Show’s gonna be better than taking your shoes off after soccer practice! This week we have some gladden-ators that only a DING DING would miss out on seeing including Christophe Davidson, Eric Andrews, and your Arch-Comic (headliner) Jon Steinberg! 667 Yonge Street. 9pm. BUUUUUUD.

By combining his honest, charismatic stage persona with his ruthless drive for success, Nigel has learned to disarm the crowd- then utterly kill- wherever he goes. The second-eldest of four sons from a working class family in Arnprior, Ontario, (population 8,000) Nigel has brought his farm-boy work ethic (but not the muscles: as Nigel even says “I look like a greyhound who stood up.”), to build his act in the city’s open mic circuit. Originating from the Ottawa Valley, Nigel aspires to earn his place among the region’s other original acts like comedy greats Harland Williams and Jon Dore; two comedians who also share Nigel’s characteristic oddball perspective.

Nigel’s style is a mix of fluent physicality and self-deprecation delivered with an ease of performance beyond his years. He commands his set as if he were telling you a story sitting on his couch in the living room, all while being slightly goofy. Think a young Jim Carrey…after he lived in a van, but not yet famous enough to tell people he lived in a van. That’s the world of Nigel Grinstead.

His hard work is paying off. Between grinding out sets and tightening up his act from bar show to bar show, Nigel made appearances at the NXNE Festival, a nationwide tour, a slot at the Muskoka Beer Festival where he threw down an electric performance for 2000 people, and even his own No Kidding taping on iChannel. Now, in his second year of comedy, he just won the 2013 Cream of Comedy Award.

*Editor’s Note: Congratulations to Nigel for winning the $5000 Cream of Comedy Award under the 2013 Tims Sims Encouragement Fund! We just had Nigel perform at our last Comedy Uncovered Showcase where he dropped a ridiculous (and unconventional) set…for which he was called back to stage for an encore by the crowd. And he did. Two more times. Put his show on your bucketlist!

Nigel Online: www.facebook.com/nigel.grinstead On Twitter: @NigelGrinstead

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