TMZ 139 We Will Interview Tweed Inc

POT TV – The Mernahuana Zone, a live webcast from Vapor Central on Yonge Street in Downtown Toronto every Tuesday 720-1020 pm EST or 420-720 pm PDT live on POT TV. It’s true, our weekly webcast The Mernahuana Zone is always looking for fascinating guests to interview. This week, The Mernahuana Zone for Tuesday Feb. 4 has requested interviews from all the current Health Canada medical marihuana listed retail producers. TMZ is please to confirm, Chuck Rifici president and ceo of Tweed Inc has confirmed they will be on our webcast Feb. 11. Get your questions in the comments section below on POT TV, Vapor Central or Mernagh sites. We Also Want To Interview You on TMZ, available for download from Soundcloud and iTunes.

Health Canada currently has six license producers ready to serve Canada’s medical marihuana patients. However, people making difficult decisions about what company to register with need someone they can trust to open the doors of these facilities. We believe by conducting interviews we can learn more than “boycotting.” TMZ host Matt Mernagh has been conducted extensive interviews for a variety of print publications and we pride ourselves on being fair and balanced.

The month of Feb will be dedicated to using my journalism skills to get more interviews like The Peace Naturals Group and Tweed Inc. We want to be the show Health Canada retailers want to come too. We have also put in a request to interview Jeff Smith, who is featured in the documentary Can Mr. Smith Get To Washington Anymore? The documentary demonstrates fundamental grassroots campaigning and how they can lead to an election victory.

It’s Bob Marley Day on Thursday Feb. 6 in Toronto, but we’ll be celebrating a bit early on TMZ. Join us for political discussion, 420 Swap, UK Cannabis Factory Bust of the Week and our new segment Jay Danger Does Dramatic Erotica Readings In Front Of A Live Studio Audience.

The Mernahuana Zone is live Tuesday Feb. 4 at 720-1020 est or 420-720 pdt and available on demand via Soundclound and iTunes.


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    Great, now they’ve had Matt sell out, too. BOYCOTT, don’t collaborate!