Celebs Debate Marijuana Legalization: Birdman, Paris Hilton, The-Dream, Juicy J & More

VIBE – Marijuana legalization in the United States made tremendous strides in 2013. States such as Colorado and Washington legalized the use of recreational weed and more are expected to follow this year.

Though, legalizing marijuana has its supporters, the anti-pot bandwagon is not a force to ignore. Despite Marijuana’s proven medicinal uses, many in this country still feel like the herb is a harmful drug. The legalization of weed remains as a hot button issue, but VIBE wanted to get some opinions from the music world.

It’s no secret that artists have used pot to help with creativity for centuries. At the 2014 Grammy Awards we talked to everyone from Paris Hilton, Birdman Willie Nelson, Juicy, J, The-Dream, Charlie Wilson, DJ Skee, Chrisette Michelle, Salaam Remi and More

– Video from VIBE.