TMZ 138 The Man Who Almost Made Weed Legal

POT TV – As he grew more involved with the medical marijuana community in the late ’90s, he began attending the Global Marijuana March and in 2005 started the 4/20 rallies in and around the GTA — both are annual events calling for the legalization of cannabis. His activism has since extended to Pot TV, a web-based video channel, where he hosts The Mernahuana Zone, a live webcast from Vapor Central, a vapour lounge on Yonge St. The Mernahuana Zone is webcast every Tuesday 720-1020 pm EST or 420-720 pm PDT from Vapor Central. It’s available for download from Soundcloud and iTunes.

Today on The Mernahuana Zone we have The Governor and a Singing Canary pitching in to create a fantastic webcast Tuesday, Jan. 28, edition of TMZ at Vapor Central (720-1020 pm). Toronto Hemp Co. hemployee, metal music enthusiast and fellow webcaster Andrew Epstein will speak about his life impersonating Arnold Schwarzenegger voice. The catch he does Arnie while hosting a heavy metal webcast. Epstein is organizing a crazy gathering of metalheads and has great stories to tell about European metal festivals. The Singing Canary people will have treats and talk about what it was like to appear on The Dragon’s Den. They are pitching their brand of hemp treats and to convince people they are fantastic they’ll be bringing samples. Plus All your favorite segments, 420 Swap, Bad Cop! No Donut!, UK Cannabis Factory Bust of the Week, and much marijuana inhaling. Be part of our stoned studio audience or tune in, toke up and then get on your Skype.

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Every morning Matt Mernagh wakes up feeling “tenderized,” as though his body has been pounded by a mallet all night. The first thing he does is turn on his vaporizer and fill the chamber with marijuana. He brushes his cat Penny Lane while he waits for the balloon to fill. It’s called “wake and bake,” says Mernagh, who suffers from scoliosis, fibromyalgia, depression and seizures caused by a rare brain tumour. The machine heats up the marijuana, releasing its active ingredients into a vapour that fills a balloon-like bag. Mernagh attaches a mouthpiece and inhales deeply. As he exhales, little bits of ache are released from his fragile 5-foot-7 and 105-pound frame.

“I’m cursed with pain,” says the 40-year-old Toronto writer and pot activist. A mere pat on his back can unleash a torrent of agony.After hitting the vaporizer, which is healthier than inhaling smoke, the pain eases enough to allow him to do some stretches on a yoga mat. He can then sit comfortably for 15 minutes at his desk, where he’s working on a sequel to his book Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook The Easy Way to Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains. Check out @MissViolet420 on Twitter.

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