Stoner Sundays 148 Mike Rita

POT TV – If you haven’t seen my Stoner Sundays show at Vapor Central yet, let me bring you up to speed, 148 weeks in a row we’ve been on POT TV and every week we make sure you have a goodtime! Come down to Vapor Tonight at 667 Yonge Street, showtime 9pm Thanks to POT TV, all my friends and family who came out and the staff is so cool as always, the support u all gave me, sending me messages, supporting the shows means so much!

Mike Rita performing at Vapor Central tonight as the Host of STONER SUNDAYS! Good Afternoon, I’m Hosting my show tonight at vapor central at 9:20pm, we have awesome comedians coming to perform tonight so get your shit together and come watch, 667 Yonge st 9:20pm! Vapor Central, if you’re not familiar, is a room full of tables, couches, and vaporizors where people get high and eat candy bars. The capacity is maybe two hundred people. The room is perpetually filled with a cloud of vapor. Toke up & Tune In Webcast starts around 9pm, 667 Yonge Street !! Be There !! Or Here on POTTV Peace Mike Rita.

Stoner Sundays which was recently nominated for “Best Weekly Show” !! Come support one of the best shows in the country, TONIGHT at Vapor Central, Headlines in a local rag: “Rita Slays ‘Em Week After Week” … “Rita Still Fresh As Fuck” … Comedian Mike Rita is exactly what you think a comic should be: Funny, Smart, & Relate-able. Be sure to watch Mike’s full No Kidding performance on Feb 2013 at 10PM ET! Only on ichannel.

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