Bong Man Bong Swap 001 Glass Trade

POT TV – Bong Swap day at Vapor Central hosted Bong Man. Bring your glass to trade with your fellow tokers from 4-6pm. Packing the shagging wagon for the bong swap today at Vapor Central …starting at 3…come sell or swap your unwanted clean bongs. .pipes. .rigs. .vaporizers. ..whatever. .light it up and dab it down ! About how many of us have great glass pieces collecting dust and not being used anymore…got way too many bongs? what about oil units? vaporizers? pipes? or even smoking accessories? Bring your CLEANED stuff you want to sell or swap with someone else…The great staff at Vapor Central has given us space for the event to display all the treasures…they are also offernig $1.00 off all cleanings in case you bring a dirty piece…please be respect of other’s pieces…there will also be some local glass artists attending the evennt as well…I hope to see alot of glass exchange hands and friendships made…if this works out well we will do another one for sure…light it up and share this with everyone!