The Mernahuana Zone 137 Has NFL Gone To Pot

POT TV – Crazy, two cities with full on marijuana legalization are going to fight to the death for something referred to as a Super Bowl. Who will win this toker title? What bets will the mayors’ of each respective city make? The Broncos play in Mile High stadium does that give them an advantage? Finally, what are the conspiracy theory people suggesting is happening here? Seattle vs Denver, we’ll provide the pot analysis not heard on any sporting station this Tuesday on The Mernahuana Zone (720-1020pm).

Update on a story we reported on last week regarding Toronto reviewing medical marihuana facilities. I’ll have a quick City of Toronto mayoral campaign trail update.

We want to show more videos, not because it chews up time, but because we can inhale more cannabis. Last week we had to use 420 Swap – watch cannabis enthusiasts trade tokes with each other – for washroom breaks. Returning this week is RCMP Fumble Of The Week and my favorite UK tabloids reporting for Cannabis Factory Bust of the Week.

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