The CK POTcast 047 Darryl Orr

POT TV – THE CK-POTcast! This week on the show, the incredibly talented and funny Darryl Orr! We talk about growing up in the same small, meth addicted country town, why comedians are psychos, and probably a bunch of dirty sex stuff. Oh, and a video of this guy cutting his fingers off with a machete!!! It’s me, It’s the big guy K. Trevor Wilson and it’s the incredibly vile CK POTcast! 9pm — withErin Goodwin and 4 others at Vapor Central.

The CK Potcast Mondays With @KTrevorWilson & @CalPost LIVE on @VaporCentral It’s monday again, and that means it’s on the mother fucking show tonight, Get out of the cold and come down to the hot boxed Vapor Central. 9pm Check out all the MP3 Potcasts.