Stoner Sundays 147 Mike Rita

POT TV – Mike Rita, Good Afternoon, I’m Hosting my show tonight at vapor central at 9:20pm , we have awesome comedians coming to perform tonight so get your shit together and come watch , 667 Yonge st 9:20pm! Vapor Central, if you’re not familiar, is a room full of tables, couches, and vaporizors where people get high and eat candy bars. The capacity is maybe two hundred people. 

The room is perpetually filled with a cloud of vapor; I’m not sure if it was that putting the goofy grin on my face or just contact high. I don’t smoke there for the same reason some other comedians avoid it; going on stage high is too much. “WHY AM I TRYING TO MAKE STRANGERS LAUGH?” If you’ve ever looked in the mirror while high and descended into a spin of anxious introspection you might relate to the feeling. Other comedians handle it fine.

Mike Rita performing at Vapor Central tonight as the Host of STONER SUNDAYS! Toke up & Tune In Webcast starts around 9pm, 667 Yonge Street !! Be There !! Or Here on POTTV Peace