The Mernahuana Zone 135 Resolve To Toke More Marijuana

POT TV – TMZ 135 Resolve To Toke More Marijuana as Everyone is excited about the freshness a new year brings, but resolve can easily falter after a few days or weeks. Tuesday January 7th on The Mernahuana Zone we’re going to toke ‘n’ talk about resolutions. Have you resolved to toke more marijuana in 2014? We are taking Skype callers.

My friend and pilates instructor Angela from Ugly Duckling Pilates will be on the show to talk about the importance of stretching and breathing. Breath control is important to ripping a bong or doing a dab better. a few weeks back co-host Smash did a dab then did a Yoga exhale. And a Florida judge Gisele Pollack apparently came to work drunk last week, causing such a scene that the chief judge had to deal with the matter.

We’re not going to bog our weekly webcast down with too much mayor talk (it’s a ten month long campaign and we don’t want to bore you), but we’ll talk a little about the start of The Mayor Mernagh Campaign. TMZ has addressed civic issues long before they became popular on late night television.

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On The Mernahuana Zone 135 Resolve To Toke More Marijuana we had an excelent Interview with Mark Gobuty, CEO & Founder of Peace Naturals.


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