The Mernahuana Zone 132 Defend Uruguay From UN Marijuana Meddling

POT TV – We called it last week on The Mernahuana Zone, the world body known as the United Nations is up in arms about Uruguay legalizing marihuana. Uruguay’s popular president Jose Mujica accused the UN of double standards for singling out the Latin nation and not Washington and Colorado. If the UN invades Uruguay seeking marijuana of mass destruction will the world overlords also take on rogue states Colorado and Washington? Alex Jones probably thinks so.

By now you are probably freaking about what to buy the stoners on your holiday list. Obviously you can go with the standby a big bag of weed, but the hipsters are giving multiple strains this year. It’s not too late, The Mernahuana Zone will help you in deciding what to purchase your favorite pothead.

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The Mernahuana Zone is webcast every Tuesday live from Vapor Central on their nug network. Join us in person or online for a virtual session 720-1020pm EST or 420-720 PDT. Tune in to Pot TV from 720-1020 east or 420-720 west or be part of stoned studio audience (ie Potheads Who Don’t Smoke Schwag) at Vapor Central.

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