The CK POTcast 042 Kyle Hickey

POT TV – THE CK-POTcast! WE ARE ON FUCKING ITUNES!! We’re in the big leagues now boy, and this week is no slouch. An east coast boy, comedian, and all around sweetheart (ladies don’t wear skirts, ’cause vapor doesn’t have enough mops) KYLE HICKEY! SPLOOOOOOSH!! It’s K. Trevor Wilson (a couches worst nightmare) and Cal Post (the rat faced fuck) and it’s The CK POTcast!!! 9pm Vapor Central — with Erin Goodwin and 5 others at Vapor Central.

Every episode is now online and ready to download. I feel like a god damned professional. Thanks Chris Goodwin! He works so hard for all the comedy shows. He NEVER sleeps, which is incredible because he’s high all the time. He’s an anomaly, He’s Neo from the Matrix (if the Matrix was just weed smoke). Wouldn’t be surprised if Chris knew Kung Fu.