3rd Klass Thursdays 261 Hunter Collins EGG NOG FIASCO

POT TV – This is the only photographic evidence from last year’s EGG NOG FIASCO at Vapor Central. I ate the rest right there at the show. WILL IT HAPPEN AGAIN?! Yo reach, guy and find out! Thursday! 667 YONGE! 9PM! Plus we’re giving away 4 pairs of tickets to “Evil Dead the Musical” in Toronto! It’s crazy how excited the public is for Vapor Central’s 5TH ANNUAL EGG NOG FIASCO! Come watch my nog-filled noggin deteriorate on-stage as it struggles to rap wise with Toronto’s best comedians! Come see the in-NOG-ural smoking of the world’s first “egg NUG joint”! 9PM at Vapor!

1 chair. 2 litres of nog. 15 comics. 420 joints (the coolest estimate). 100 sedated, barely giggling audience members. 1 night. 5 years-running. VAPOR CENTRAL’S 5TH ANNUAL EGG NOG FIASCO. THURSDAY. 667 YONGE. 9PM.

Visit Vapor Central’s website or in person at 667 YONGE St., Toronto

Get stoked, tokers! This Thursday at VC is our 5TH ANNUAL EGG NOG FIASCO, where your host (yours truly and drool-ly) gets hammered on egg nog on-stage for 90 minutes straight, as we bring up a gauntlet of the city’s best comedians! Last year every comic and I wound up talking about felching. This year, who knows?! Double-chin-jobs? DCJs? Plus, this year, I will also smoke the world’s first ever “egg NUG joint!” Promise! 9PM, only at VAPOR CENTRAL!

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