The Mernahuana Zone 131 Celebrate Ganja Good Times

POT TV – TMZ Dec. 10 Show Description Celebrate ganja good times on The Mernahuana Zone Tuesday December 10. Washington and Colorado celebrated the first anniversary of their epic legalization vote, but another even more epic vote is taking place Tuesday. Uruguay is set to vote on legalizing marihuana at the federal level and sell it for a dollar.

Pot legalization is a political shoe in for Uruguay as the country is the first to make it legal everywhere Tuesday December 10. They’re taking international heat, therefore it’s important TMZ throws all their weedy weight behind this small latin American country’s efforts. Hash producing country Morocco is considering following Uruguay’s lead by legalizing too.

It’s not the end of the world as we know it, but we’re coming close to toppling the elite’s grip on prohibition. Weird weed news includes marijuana creating man boobs and pot preventing penis sagging. I Taste Like Weed is going to Skype call for a virtual session after 420 Swap and we’re probably going to crank call a cannabis enthusiast in Uruguay if we can find one.

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