The CK POTcast 041 Diana Bailey

POT TV – THE CK POTcast! Let it snow motha’ fucka’s! We have a big god damned show for you tonight and that’s because the big man himself K. Trevor Wilson is BACK BABY!! He takes up more than his fair share of the couch with our guest tonight, cream of comedy finalist, the hilarious Diana Bailey! Don’t miss this one ’cause I’m feeling unusually crazy, so you wanna’ GET NUTS, LET’S GET NUTS!! 9pm Vapor Central — with K. Trevor Wilson and Diana Bailey at Vapor Central.

Cal Post has a No Kidding taping this Friday and we want YOU to come. That’s right YOU! You know who are, YOU! How Long Would YOU Last In The Zombie Apocalypse? Cal got A Month, You will last, but not long.

The CK POTcast 9pm