3rd Klass Thursdays 260 Hunter Collins

POT TV – Hunter Collins 3RD KLASS THURSDAY at Vapor Central 2nite! Special event! In addition to bringing you the dopest chron-medians in town, we’re bottling all our second-hand weed smoke and mailing it to the Third World so folks out there can get baked as fuck for Christmas! And if the warlords intercept our shipment, maybe they’ll mellow out! Win-win!

On tonight’s show: Graham Kay! Tim Golden! Doug Mutai! Ben Bankas! Mike Takacs! And your host, the impossibly modest gift to global consciousness, International Television Juggernaut Hunter Collins! Some come down to VC tonight, ’cause we found the cure to being not high (heads-up: it’s phat nugs)!


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p.s. next Thursday at Vapor Central is our 5TH ANNUAL EGG NOG FIASCO – that’s must see TV (TV stands for “total vomiting”)!