The CK POTcast 040 Dom Paré David Burke

POT TV – The CK POTcast 040 The shows in the past few have been a BLAST! And we finally have some fans not just people who deal with our bullshit ’cause they want to smoke the green in the BEST VAPOR LOUNGE IN THE UNIVERSE!!! Tonight on the show, we see the return of the hilariously cunty Dom Paré! Also on the show, one of my favorite comics in the city David Burke. If you miss this show, you’re an idiot! 9pm Vapor Central — with Erin Goodwin and 6 others at Vapor Central.

Cal Post has a No Kidding taping this Friday and we want YOU to come. That’s right YOU! You know who are, YOU! How Long Would YOU Last In The Zombie Apocalypse? Cal got A Month, You will last, but not long.

The CK POTcast 9pm the Vapor Central And if YOU don’t come I will shit.

The CK POTcast 040 Dom Paré Dylan Gott by vaporcentral