Kubby TV #49: Washington State Dope Opera

POT TV – Cannabis pioneer and former POT TV News producer, Steve Kubby, is now back on Pot TV with KUBBY TV. Today’s show explores how the new Washington State Pot Law has turned into a real Dope Opera. The new law is being hijacked and abused by officials to close dispensaries, end home gardens, and make patients automatic DUID felons. Now the latest news is that the Liquor Control Board has approved over 200 pesticides for use in the cultivation of legal weed in Washington. Other prohibitionist attacks are underway in Colorado. Why is it that everything that has to do with weed, always involves a Dope Opera?



  1. Anonymous on

    Pretty sad Washington was dumb enough to vote for it. Hopefully Cali gets it right next time and thankfully voters were smart enough to reject prop 19

  2. Anonymous on

    Talk about irony. I’m literally watching the hitch hicker’s guide to the universe right now as I pulled up the site.