The Mernahuana Zone: 128 Political Hissy Fits And Bong Rips

POT TV – The Mernahuana Zone 128 Political Hissy Fits And Bong Rips. We wanted to declare this another Ford free webcast, but it won’t be. Real quick we’re going to mention Matt Mernagh got on the Ford media gravy train by appearing in Toronto Star today, Rob Ford: A Drug Consumer Who Supports Prohibition and Cannabis Culture is running my follow up Ford Family Fucked Pot Growers.

TMZ wanted to focus on Freeland and McQuaig, the two star candidates running in Toronto Centre byelection – home of Vapor Central and 4/20 Smoke Out – both have declined to be interviewed for Cannabis Culture, Liberal And NDP Candidates Avoid Byelection Pot Talk. Freeland was handpicked by Trudeau and McQuaig is no slouch around these parts either. It’s truly disappointing we couldn’t bring an interview to our viewership.

TMZ has its usually segments 420 Swap and our new one Crank Calling A Chronic, where we phone businesses and bud lovers to find out about their lifestyle. We got weird weed news, legalization updates, and the original Batman dab game.

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