Time to Grow with Opus LIVE: The Big Swag (Not Schwag) Giveaway

POT TV – Cannabis activist and BC Marijuana Party candidate Mik Mann – also known as Opus – is back with his LIVE grow show on the Pot TV Network. On today’s the show: Mik returns to Pot TV studios in Vancouver to give away a Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer as well as a big bag of swag, not to be confused with schwag the term commonly used for bunk weed.

Sitting in will be my “joint host” Cannabis Culture and Pot TV Editor Jeremiah Vandermeer, as we discuss more about the fight to stop the MMPR and the removal of patients’ rights to grow their own medical plants, as well as the problems it has created for home owners legally growing.

Also on the show: Harper, Ford, Conservatives … bollocks! The gravy train wreck continues to burn.

Sensible BC, bongs, buds and grow Q & A.

4/20 Vancouver: Have we traded a protest for a festival and what does the future hold?

All this and more plus LIVE chat!

Watch TODAY at 4PM Pacific

Opus LIVE is broadcast every Monday at 4pm Pacific time. Known for his work with the BC Marijuana Party, Mik Mann is a licensed medical marijuana grower from Vancouver Island and founder of Opus Farms. He is a regular contributor to Cannabis Culture.