Kubby TV #44: Write and pass your own medpot initiative!

Today we tell you how to free the weed in your city or county with your own voter initiative. For example, I live in South Lake Tahoe, where our medical marijuana rights are being held hostage by a small group of social conservatives on the City Council. The fact is that 58% of SLT voters said yes to Prop. 19 and legalization. This town deserves a real Med MJ policy and marketplace. so we are going to bypass the City Council and pass our own citywide initiative. You can do the same where you live and I’ll even help you by providing a copy of the initiative I just wrote.

For example, in my initiative text, busting someone for growing pot will soon be a crime in my town. I’ve included clause from my South Lake Tahoe voter initiative that makes it a crime to help the feds or other anti-pot officers or officials. It should be included in every initiative written from now on:

“Elected, appointed, hired employees, officers, and officials of the City of South Lake Tahoe shall not directly or indirectly cooperate with or assist federal, state, or county officers or officials, volunteers, or employees who eradicate marijuana, act for seizure or forfeiture, or demand entry without a warrant or to defeat any liberally construed purpose of this Act, nor may any state or local agency contract to eradicate marijuana that is being grown, manufactured or stored under the provisions of this Act. Violation of this clause shall be a misdemeanor, punishable by fine and up to one year in prison. Knock and talk will be the first act taken by the above officers/employees.”